Thebes Temple No. 87 Installation of 2017 Officers

The annual Installation of Officers for Thebes Temple No. 87 was held March 15, 2017, at 7:00 pm, at Luther B. Turner Masonic Lodge in Columbus, Ohio.

Mistress of Ceremonies was Katharine Brewer, PQ. Installing Officer was Sally Fields, PQ. Other Installing Officers were Installing Marshal Mary Jo Daugherty, PQ; Installing Chaplain Jane Adkins, PQ; Installing Bible Bearer, Princess Courtney Kutschbach; Installing Crown Bearer Terry Smith, PQ; Installing Recorder Barbara Craven, PQ; Installing Attendants Pat Whittington, PQ, and Princess Boni Shane; and Installing Musician Anna Louise Beaver, PQ.


Elected and Appointed Officers:

Queen – Vicky Kutschbach

Princess Royal – Kathy Amspaugh

Princess Tirzah – Geraldine Slane

Princess Badoura – Stephanie Ott

Princess Recorder – Terry Smith, PQ

Princess Banker – Sarah Platt, PQ

Princess Marshal – Julie Tucker

Princess Chaplain – Carolyn Dickson

Lady of the Keys – Nancy Webster

Lady of the Gates – Donna Kopp

Princess Zulieka – Meredith Brewer

Princess Zenobia – Marilyn Rowley

Princess Zora – Marcia Schreiber

Princess Zuliema – Carol Bell

Princess Musician – Barbara Brooks, PQ

Attendant – Brenda Layman


The ceremony began with a musical prelude of organ favorites of the Queen, performed by Anna Louise Beaver, PQ. Betsy Tullis sang a soprano solo selection during the ceremony. Queen Vicky was regally attired in a silver and gray gown set off by her shimmering crown.

Princess Royal, Kathy Amspaugh, looked royal indeed in an elegant purple gown with glittering trim. The other ladies were arrayed in beautiful dresses that matched the splendor of the evening.





Queen Vicky introduced many family members and friends who had come to celebrate with the ladies of Thebes Temple No. 87.

Illustrious Sir Jon Kinney, Potentate of Aladdin Shrine, gave his remarks and congratulations. Members of the Aladdin Shrine Divan attended, dressed in formal attire and fez. Several other gentlemen, Masons, and Nobles were also present.

A reception followed the ceremony.

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