Regional Education Day Was a Great Success

It was a great Day.  We had 6 different Temples represented and 38 registered for the all-day event. PSQ, Vesta Marshall, Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Membership and PR Committee lead the day.  Assisting her were PQ Marlene MacKay, a member of the Supreme Membership and PR Committee and Yvonne Parker, the Membership Chairman at Omar Temple #111.  Our own members, Carol Estell and Donna Kopp received certification as Mentors that day.  I believe that everyone left the day feeling ready to keep our spark and love for Daughters of the Nile going and growing.  Our Buck-I-Nutz Unit performed a skit about setting off the “Fireworks” and being enthusiastic about being a member of Daughters of the Nile, making “Fight Song” as our song…as the song lyrics say,

“…I might only have one match

But I can make an explosion

This is my fight song

Take back my life song

Prove I’m all right song

My power’s turned on…”

I wish to sincerely thank my Committee – Pr. Tirzah, Vicky Kutschbach; Pr. Chaplain, Donna Kopp; Pr. Nydia, Carol Estell – for all their help planning and working to bring this day to reality.  The day couldn’t have happened without them.


Sparkles of Nile Love,


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