Past Queens Visit Junior Past Queen Sylvia Bast

Junior Past Queen Sylvia Bast Signs the Bible

The several Past Queens, Queen Vicky, and Princess Gerre Slane visited Junior Past Queen Sylvia Bast Sunday, April 23rd in the afternoon.  Sylvia was in good spirits and we had a very pleasant visit.  Following a very nice tribute from Queen Vicky, Sylvia signed the Thebes Bible as Junior Past Queen.  The Past Queens formed a circle and sang “Blessed Be the Tide that Binds” and then Sarah Platt presented Sylvia with a small token from the Past Queens.  Sylvia was sincerely touched by the sentiments expressed, and she thanks everyone for the cards, thoughts and prayers.  She will be continuing with radiation treatments and chemotherapy through mid-May.  A special website has been set up for those who wish to follow her progress and send her messages.