From Princess Badoura, Gerre Slane

Hi to all of you. I am glad that we are having such wonderful weather. Fall is so pretty and pleasant outside – not too hot and not too cold – just right. We are heading into our Sub Sale time and hopefully you have your orders placed by now. I will take some extra orders if you have not had an opportunity to call or send me your requests. Please call me at 614-406-9014 by the 30th of September; this is a small extension of time. We can always make “extras” and help earn more money for the children. Thank you so much for all of your support. I appreciate the ladies who have signed up to help make the subs on the 4th of October. You may pick the subs up at the session on Wednesday the 5th of October or we will have them ready for you if you wish to come by the Lodge/Temple on Tuesday the 4th while we are there making them, times to be there are from 9:00 AM until around 12:00 to 1:00:PM or so … I PERSONALLY THANK ALL OF YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP AND CONSIDERATION!!!

From Princess Tirzah, Kathy Amspaugh

Happy Fall to everyone! I want to thank Mary Jo Daughtery for starting the “prom project” with the Lexington Shrine Hospital. The hospital personnel loved all the dresses, decorations, corsages, and boutonnieres. Everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated! The sewing session in¬†October will be Wednesday, October 19th; that is the third (3rd) Wednesday! Thank you to PQ Janet May for graciously agreeing to prepare the sewing lunches for September, October, and December. SEE EVERYONE AT SESSION!!!¬†



From Princess Royal, Vicky Kutschbach

Welcome Fall! I hope you had a wonderful summer. I would like everyone to know that Thebes Temple is one of the few temples to still donate fleece blankets, so needless to say, we are NO. 1 in the nation. Thanks for all your hard work.

Remember, November 9th is the annual card party. It starts at 10:00 AM and I need volunteers for set up and bake sale. I’m planning the silent auction and purse auction, door prizes, and a special prize for the one who brings the most guests. SEE YOU THERE!!!

From Queen Sylvia

Hello to all the Ladies of the Household from Queen Sylvia Ann Bast

Welcome to this great fall season! We have all of the beautiful colors of the season and many exciting things coming up this wonderful time of year. I sincerely hope that all of you enjoyed your summer vacations, relaxing time at home, or whatever makes you happiest. Come and join us at our next session, which is a Halloween event and a fun time for our members. You may come in costume of your choice, (no pants/slacks; skirts requested) and have fun with us at the next session on the 5th of October. Time is from 11:00 AM with a lunch prior to the session at the actual session time of 1:00 PM. We have some new things coming up and hopefully you will be there to share them with us.

We as a temple have been honored with four (4) Supreme Appointments: PQ Katharine Brewer, Supreme Attendant to Supreme Queen Cathy Carol Rose; PQ Mary Jo Daughtery, Supreme Goodwill Ambassador to the Central Area; PQ Janet May, Supreme Escort to the American Flag; and PQ Lois Vail, Supreme Escort to the Canadian Flag. We are so pleased that we have been given this privilege to have these members share the 2016 year in this manner. There may be another ceremonial in November and we would love it if those of you that may not have been there for session in the recent past join us for this beautiful ceremony.