Installation of 2015 Officers

The Installation of Officers for Thebes Temple No. 87 Daughters of the Nile was held March 11, 2015 at 7:30 PM at Luther B. Turner Masonic Lodge, 2933 Valleyview Drive, Columbus Ohio.

Installing Officers were Terry Smith, PQ, Mistress of Ceremonies; Mary Jo Daugherty, PQ, Installing Queen; Sally Fields, PQ, Installing Marshal, Jane Adkins, PQ, Installing Chaplain; Janet May, PQ, Installing Bible Bearer; Lois Vail, PQ, Installing Crown Bearer; Alberta Spridgeon, PQ; Linda Spridgeon, PQ, Installing Attendants; Anna Louise Beaver, PQ, Installing Musician; Barbara Craven, PQ, Installing Banker; Lois Goodell, PQ, Installing Recorder; Diane Lott, Installing American Flag Bearer; Joannie Allbaugh, Installing Canadian Flag Bearer; Kathy Amspaugh, Installing Nile Banner Bearer; Terry Smith, PQ, Ceremonial Assistant; Violet Dubros and Nancy DeFranco, PQ, Guest Receptionists.

Following a musical prelude, Patricia Whittington, PQ, sounded the gong and the ceremony began. Janet May, PQ, entered with the Bible, followed by Lois Vail, PQ, who bore the Temple Crown. Reigning Queen, Katharine Brewer, entered and made introductions. Queen Katharine then welcomed all present. Terry Smith, PQ, introduced the installing officers. Patricia Kniffin, Queen Elected, entered on the arm of her son, Shaun Kniffin, followed by the elected and appointed officers. Jane Adkins, PQ, offered prayer, and Mary Jo Daugherty, PQ, read the Obligation and Sally Fields, PQ, placed the Temple Crown upon the brow of our newly elected Queen, Patricia Kniffin. Queen Paticia’s son Saun presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and she ascended to her throne.

Elected and appointed officers were installed. Junior Past Queen Katharine had not selected a Past Queen Jewel, so she was presented with Fezzy the Bear, an adorable stuffed bear who will be at her side as she makes her selection of a jewel that she will wear throughout her life.

Past Queens joined hands in the Past Queens Circle and sang a chorus of “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds,” reaffirming their sisterhood and constant support and encouragement for one another.

Junior Past Queen Katharine signed the Bible. Queen Patricia addressed the Ladies of the Household and all present in her first official words as Queen of Thebes Temple No. 87. She introduced her family and friends who had come to share her special evening, as well as officers from Eastern Star, The Ladies Oriental Shrine, and Aladdin Shrine who were in attendance. Arthur Wilson, Second Ceremonial Master of Aladdin Shrine, spoke briefly. He congratulated the Queen and newly elected officers and thanked Daughters of the Nile for all their contributions made to the children’s hospitals.

A lovely reception hosted by Turnerettes followed the recessional.

2015 – 2016 Elected and Appointed Officers

Queen – Patricia Kniffin
Junior Past Queen – Katharine Brewer
Princess Royal – Sylvia Bast
Princess Tirzah – Vicky Kutschbach
Princess Badoura
Princess Zora – Marcia Schreiber
Princess Recorder – Geraldine Slane
Princess Banker – Sarah Platt, PQ
Princess Marshal – Julie Tucker
Princess Chaplain – Donna Kopp
Lady of the Keys – Nancy Webster
Lady of the Gates – Shirley Kosbab
Princess Nydia – Carol Estell
Princess Zulieka – Meredith Brewer
Princess Zenobia – Marilyn Rowley
Princess Musician – Barbara Brooks, PQ
Attendant – Mary Lou Stakely
Attendant – Marie Morgan
American Flag Bearer – Diane Lott
Canadian Flay Bearer – Joannie Allbaugh
Nile Banner – Kathy Amspaugh

Queen Patricia Ascends to the Throne

Moments after being crowned, Queen Patricia Takes Up Her Duties

Princess Royal, Sylvia Bast

Junior Past Queen Katharine Brewer Signs the Bible

The Newly Elected Officers of Thebes Temple No. 87 Daughters of the Nile 2015-2016